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Easter Weekend Photo Diary.

My Easter Weekend was quite varied, beginning in London followed by New Malden, Epsom, Dorking and home again. All of it all resulted in eating everything, maybe even more so than Christmas(!) It was a good weekend for discovering new things (hello, coconut oil) and spending time with friends and family.

It wasn’t all that great for taking photographs though, which I blame entirely on the weather – and maybe a bit of a lack of planning when it came to popping into London. We were there to watch Punch Drunk’s The Drowned Man in the evening and really could have been more productive prior to 5pm rather than going all the way to East London just to pop to The Diner – that burger though…!
The Drowned Man was wonderful and like nothing I’ve ever seen before, I might write more about that later.

We finished up our Friday night with a documentary about honey badgers before setting out on Saturday morning to visit our friends Matt and Tom – I’m already looking forward to a proper catch up next weekend! Saturday evening brought us a Johnston family party, which I wish I’d taken more photos at, I think I definitely will for the next one.

Sunday and Monday were fairly similar, we placed pretty high in the pub quiz on Sunday night – beating Pete from Dry the River and his team, apparently we actually share a local, Newbury is weird. We mooched around Newbury Food Festival on both days, rain or shine, you can’t keep me away from free samples of artisan(ish) food.

Monday was much nicer weather-wise and my Gran and sister popped over for a visit, which was lovely as although I saw them a couple of nights before, they haven’t been over here in a while.

Big and beautiful Leonbergers. ♥

Unfortunately the rain meant my delicious pulled pork tortilla from Tacada got cold pretty quickly, still, such nomz!

I made beetroot-crust pizza, it looked neat but didn’t add or take anything away. Much extra faff compared to my usual homemade pizzas.

We won some wine! Fingers crossed for as good result this week, we’re quizzing like pros lately, 3 weeks running!

Cupcakes feat. edible lego.

Guess the number of olives in the jar. My guess was 586.

Granny Johnston confirming what I have always known – I’m from a family of cat-botherers. ♥
All in all a quite a quiet one, I just keep telling myself that ‘April Showers Bring May Flowers’ but I’d much prefer to be out and about without a coat or umbrella in-tow. Rain makes me quite nervous, I’m afraid I can’t quite embrace it.

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