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Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls…

Next on our whistle-stop tour of our friend’s local tourist attractions was, oh you know, just Wales(!)
I remember trips to Wales that took hours from Surrey and we had so many lovely family holidays to Llansteffan and Tenby. How lucky Richard and Fran are that such a beautiful part of the UK is so close-by.

I went for butternut squash pasta with pine nut salsa and vegetable tempura, Fran’s fish and chips were eyeing me up but it was still delicious all the same.

That view.

With a little help from Fran’s parents, via a vague telephone call that would have been really specific if we really knew where were going, after a pretty special lunch at the picturesque Harp Inn, we made our way to Warren Wood. Set in Radnor Forest, Warren Wood comes complete with it’s own (hilariously named) waterfall called Water-Break-Its-Neck.

We were so spoilt to have the place pretty much all to ourselves, particularly the waterfall. If it had been as rammed with tourists as I’d imagine it would be at a warmer time of year it probably would have been terrible. The photos, including the goofy ‘look at what a fun time we’re having’ ones, don’t really do the place justice, I haven’t seen anywhere so beautiful in such a long time.


It’s walks like these that really blow the cobwebs out and everyone definitely needs a bit of that every once in a while…

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