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Do More of What Makes You Happy.

At the beginning of the year you may have seen the #100HappyDays Challenge floating around. It certainly didn’t go unnoticed here and as a few of the people I follow on Instagram started to pick it up, I figured it was something I could do with too.

Being the nitpicking one I am, I gave myself January off wanting to start the new month of February with a new challenge. I must say, even passively looking at other people’s #100HappyDays photos lifted my mood. We all need a little pick-me-up every now and then and it’s nice to see positive things whether you have to scrape the barrel or not, I like to think there’s usually some good in every day.

There have been criticisms that it might encourage even more of the showing off that social networking sites are known for, but I don’t think it matters. I’m not a big one for being all that bothered about what people think of me most of the time anyway so I very much did this for me. I must admit, as my biggest critic, I am a little disappointed in myself for not going more creative with it but if my cat and food are what makes me happy, and they’re pretty much in the top 5, then who cares?

Here is the first half of my #100HappyDays from Day 1 to Day 50. (Click to enlarge).
You can follow my progress daily on Instagram :: @intoruth.

First Black’s Burger.
2.// Lolworthy Too-Slow Shutter on Doll’s Treat Munching Face
3.// Nice Tiles – Post Swim
4.// Getting in the Mornings

Doll’s Indifferent Face to a Thoughtful Gift
7.// Sunshiney Walk
8.// New Slippers
9.// Candlelit Sunday Night Supper
10.// After-Work Walk

Early Bedtime
12.// All the Salad
13.// Doll and her Troll
14.// Family Portrait Post-Valentine’s Meal
15.// Beautiful Poser

Wonderful Blue Skies
17.// Tapped Out in Bed
18.// Sausages and Sweet Potato Mash
19.// Reaching the End of Breaking Bad
20.// Special Office Cake

Homemade Nachos at Home-Home
22.// Favourite Old Girl
23.// Custard Bun at Dim Sum
24.// Nail Painting
25.// The Beginning of Light Evenings

26.// Dolly Loves Helping to Wrap Gifts
27.// Catch-Up Thursday Night Dinner
28.// Road-Trip Coffee
29.// Tea in a Mezzanine Bed
30.// First Car Boot of the Year – By the Sea

 Dolly’s ‘Gimme Cheese’ Face
32.// Glorious Pancake Day
33.// M4 Sunset
34.// ‘Just Because’ Tulips
35.// Sampling Our First Newbury Curry House

36.// Blooming Homegrown Daffs
37.// Picnic on the Green
38.// Monday Night Wine
39.// Box Appreciation
40.// Cinema Date Night

41.// Little Ladybird
42.// Laverstoke Park Farm Haul – Love Moon’s New Job!
43.// Putting ‘The Roof’ Down
44.// Nothing But Blue Sky…
45.// Needy Kitty Post-4 Hour Shed Lock-In

Retro Computer Game Lolz 
47.// Saving Daffodils
48.// Meeting Happy Bunnies
49.// Friday Beer
50.//  Beautiful Blooms

So, somehow I’ve already managed get to the halfway point (and then some by now), which is probably down to the immediacy of phone photography – which the inner Photography student in me still totally resents a little despite the fact the rest of me really kind of loves it – but I’ve found it much easier than previous 365 Challenges I’ve tried and failed.

There are already talks from others of continuing the project for the full year (#365HappyDays), but we’ll see how it goes, I will be pretty pleased when I get to 100 and being able to look at it in a retrospective book will be pretty neat, I can’t wait!

Have you thought about or are you taking part in #100HappyDays? I’d really love to discover a few more!

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