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Brewer Street.

I almost can’t quite believe that it’s over a month since Moon and I were in Brighton for his birthday, it’s April already, before you know it Christmas will be here again. I don’t want to wish the year away but I can’t wait for this weather to stop teasing us and just warm up already!

When figuring out things to do for Moon’s birthday, I knew I wanted to do something nice, I also knew I didn’t want it to be crazy pricey – even staying in a hotel in Brighton at that time of year, for anywhere decent, is upwards of £100 a night. Knowing that, because we’re so far away from there now, a daytrip would be exhausting rather than fun, I knew it would be better to stay overnight. Having seen a few bloggers use Airbnba lot of Kris Atomic’s blog is Airbnb heaven – and knowing some friends who have used it, I figured that I’d just have a little search, it couldn’t do any harm.

For £59 (the price has since been lowered to just £49, including Airbnb fees), we found the wonderful 13 Brewer Street and I almost immediately put in a request.

Our host, Justine, was really friendly and attentive, she was willing to recommend places for us to eat and even told us to book our meal for Saturday night – advice we definitely should have headed in hindsight. Just a few minutes walk from town, the room was wicked and came complete with a sturdy mezzanine bed – something I’ve wanted to sleep in since seeing The Science of Sleep a few years ago and now I’ve actualised it, I’m really jonesing after one for when we move into our own (unrented) place. The bed was really comfortable and the room was so light and airy, and filled will all sorts of fun, weird books and art.

The simple continental breakfast laid out for us on Sunday morning was brilliant and there wasn’t anything that Justine hadn’t thought of, we were almost spoilt for choice but fresh almond croissants really hit the spot.

Airbnb was super-simple to use and I guess it is a bit of a weird one given that you can find yourself staying in somebody’s home with them as we were, but making contact with your host beforehand and double-checking reviews really does make all the difference.

We were really lucky to have someone so helpful who was also willing to let us get on with things – we had no restrictions and even had a front door key. In many ways it was nicer than a standard Bed and Breakfast, I just hope Airbnb’s recent bad publicity involving an unfortunate Manhattanite and an unauthorised BBW party doesn’t put hosts off as it’s definitely a service I’d want to use again, not just for Justine when wanting to stay in Brighton but it opens up a whole load of potential for other city breaks that might otherwise break the bank.

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