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We love you, Brighton.

Last weekend to celebrate Moon’s 25th (lolz) birthday, we took ourselves down to Brighton. After being incredibly disheartened by the crazy hotel prices (it’s the beginning of March, what even?), I took a gamble with airbnb.

Looking back on it, I definitely take back the feeling of it being a gamble because it actually worked out really well for us, it meant we could stay the night and not feel guilty about it, plus our host (we rented a room rather than a whole place) was really accommodating and friendly, but more on that later…

Brighton really is one of my favourite cities, it’s a big toss up between it being because it’s by the sea or because it has so many cute, unique shops, but I just really like it there. Brighton makes me feel like going back to city life wouldn’t be so bad, then I remember that I quite like the quiet and time marches on.

We didn’t really see anything new so you’ve probably seen all these kinds of photographs on here before but it was just so nice to have the sun back in our lives for a bit – how nice has it been this weekend? I hope the weather is here to stay! It really gets me ready to get stuff done when the sun is shining.

Utility might be my favourite Brighton shop, everything in there is just so satisfying; the décor, the products(!!!) urgh, it’s just all feels like it has so much purpose.

We stopped in at a café called Bertie’s for lunch, it was mainly because it was the first place we saw before we got distracted by something else, but boy oh boy are their sandwiches delicious.

Obligatory West Pier scene.

Pizza 7 was our Saturday evening meal of choice. We had set our sights on Meat Liquor but after being told we would have to queue outside to wait for a table (sorry mate, no restaurant is worth that kind of hype) we took our business elsewhere. And I really am glad we did because the Pizza 7 staff were really lovely and it felt like a really unique experience. Their whole thing is artisan beer and stone baked pizza (very hipster but it was kind of Moon’s birthday meal so I wouldn’t have expected less) and a lot of the beer I wanted was pretty elusive which meant I was able to try new things. What more can I say, pizza and beer is a combination you just can’t fail with. ♥

We spent two full afternoons in Brighton, on Saturday we explored The Laines as we always do, while on Sunday – Moon’s actual birthday – we headed down to the Marina (I wouldn’t really recommend it) for a our first carboot of the year, neither of us got anything but it does make me look forward to carboot season really getting going in the coming months.

We were pretty unimpressed by the Marina, it definitely could be way nicer than it is, but then when it’s competing with the likes of more well-known Brighton tourist destinations that are more central and clustered together, it’s easy to see why things are quite as thriving round there as they could be – free table-tennis though.

The Marina’s chilli shop was a redeeming feature, we tried chilli chocolate brownies, banana chilli jam.
Some of the hot sauce ratings were pretty terrifying though. 40/10 for heat D:

We’ve been lacking Mexican food since our beloved Taco Shop closed down in Newbury and while we promised ourselves some wonderful Foodilic, Tortilla was just too hard to resist. Honestly the best burrito I’ve ever had – would definitely recommend their chicken one, my word!

I always try and stop in at Cloud 9, their one of the bakeries that I see as worthwhile when it comes to spending money on cupcakes.

I can’t believe it really was over a year since my last trip to Brighton, that was so fun too, I guess we just got caught up in visitors and closer attractions. I hope to try make some more time for the seaside this year, can you believe it’s March already?

I feel like I talked about food a lot, but if you’re just here for photographs, that’s fine too.

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