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Spring in the Cotswolds.

It’s been a little bit cooler here in the last few days but last weekend really gave me a real vitamin D kick!
And hey, it’s England and yeah, I broke out the sunglasses and sandals and yeah, it’s a bit ridiculous but it’s also completely fine.

After watching the Six Nations at our friend Long’s house (I say watching, I didn’t really, sorry, not sorry) the following morning was absolutely glorious. It was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of how close we were to the intriguing Cotswolds Water Park.

Long and his girlfriend had other plans so Moon and I headed over with our other friend, Simon. It’s truly beautiful and after seeing online that there were activities such as wind-sailing and mini golf and that there was a lakeside beach, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Something a bit lame I should expect, but it totally wasn’t, I’d love to head over there again.

Set on the edge of the Cotswolds amongst several lakes, with beautiful Scandinavian lake houses, this place was amazing for good dog spotting. We took a little plod around the main park’s lake – there are lots of different attractions by each lake but a lot of them are private – before heading over to the, ultimately terrible but still really fun, mini golf. It was then pub lunchtime before the three of us parted ways with Moon and I riding home with roof down.

Not quite as pretty as a Cotswold lakeside but in other news we also got all the weeding done and lawn mowed when we got home. Needless to say, we were on fire last Sunday!

It was such a wonderful day, so nice to not feel chilly or worry about jackets. Getting out and enjoying the day early seems to be the key to a great weekend, it’s worked pretty well for this weekend too! I love a lie-in, but when you’re up before 7 on a normal weekday, getting out of bed by 9 is enough even if it’s still cosy. Really realising oversleeping doesn’t do as much for me as it feels like it should.

So, happy Sunday, hope you’ve had a nice weekend!

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