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Great Garden.

Even though there’s technically still 11 days to go, it feels like spring well and truly sprung (how many times are you going to read that in the next few days?!) this weekend, the perfect excuse to give a little TLC to our much-neglected garden.

We did have some plans to have some guests this weekend but with hectic schedules and general life getting in the way we had it to ourselves instead, which meant there was no reason to not get out there. We really have not taken care of our outside space with all that rain, and the weeds have loved it.

I must admit that I really am not all that greenfingered so seeing the few daffodils I planted back in August come into flower, with more to come, has me really excited for this new season.

Doll’s really not a sun-worshipper, you’ll never find her sunning herself like a normal cat, maybe because she knows that as a white cat it’s not too good for her, but you can definitely tell she’s pretty pleased she doesn’t have to worry about getting wet when she goes out at the moment.

Spotted two different ladybirds today and so many bees, it’s probably just run-off from next door’s (amazing) garden but still makes me happy.

I think of everything I’m most excited to have our lilac tree come back, I’ve really missed its flowers.

We had an impromptu picnic on the green near our house for lunch today, I quite like this photo of Moon but I didn’t know where else I could put it. ♥
When the weather’s as nice as it has been and I’m feeling a bit too lazy to really get out and do things, I really do appreciate how lucky we are to have such a usable outside space. We were out in our garden a lot last summer and I’m really looking forward to getting it spruced up for that time of year again so we can really enjoy it.

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