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Oh, Home!

I feel like I’ve actually been back at my Mum’s a whole lot recently, I guess because we were only there for Chinese New Year at the beginning of the month and before Christmas I wasn’t visiting that regularly.

It’s quite nice to use the visit as an excuse to get up to London and have a good ol’ change of scenery that you and I both know I enjoy. And London sure was looking great in the sunshine on Saturday.

My sister was back home which was the main reason I went up and treated myself to a long weekend with a half day on Friday too! We made homemade nachos and watched two really bad films on our first night, like bad bad, not good bad, would definitely never recommend Magic Mike to anyone, it’s appalling – the nachos were great though!

We had hopes of leaving early in order to make it to The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields but I wayyy overslept. With the amount of great places to eat around Spitalfields, I pretty much outright refuse to queue to get in somewhere on a Saturday afternoon, I might be missing out but I’m okay with that.

After leaving Shoreditch High Street station and getting distracted by Box Park and some neat street art just across the road, we mooched on over to Spitalfields where we high-teched the hell out of getting a table for two at The Diner – they have an iPad and text you when the table’s ready, thing of the future.

The food was great but it was one of those meals that made me never want to eat again. I’d definitely recommend coming to a compromise with your sides before you order to avoid over-ordering. Their milkshakes are awesome and that’s from someone who doesn’t even like milkshakes, I went for their Oreo one, oh my!
I had a Shrimp Po Boy, something a little different but delicious. I only managed half of it as it was pretty filling and I do wish I’d gone for their Mexican breakfast instead but it was still a great meal and the staff were really attentive, always something worth mentioning.

Dat milkshake

After more of a mooch around Spitalfields and on to Brick Lane we headed home before going over to my Gran’s for tea. A year on and I’m so glad I got that driving obstacle out of the way it really does give so much more freedom for shorter journeys and I’m still so proud of myself.

On Sunday my sister insisted we head over to Teddington’s Imperial China for dim sum. I must admit it was a lot nicer than the place we usually go to. It’s so nice to get dim sum as a treat and it’s definitely on my list to find somewhere close by.

So that was my semi-action-packed hometime weekend, it was so great to have the sun shining again. Bring on springtime! Will definitely be adopting the ‘my body is a temple’ mentality this week, that’s for darn sure(!)

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