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Wintery but good.

This weekend has certainly flown by, it must be the fact that my first full week of work in weeks is looming for tomorrow…

I took an extra few days off after the New Year to basically extend my relaxation, and I totally did but I had hoped that this would include a bit of outdoor exploring. If you’ve seen any form of news recently you might be aware that it’s been raining quite a bit so that certainly put a stop to that, which was why it was so nice that Saturday was such a sunshiney day. I really don’t care if it’s cold, I just really don’t like it when it’s wet.

So, Saturday started with taking Doll to the vet for her vaccinations, she’s fine but her teeth could be better, which meant our first Saturday errand was to go to Pets At Home and pick her up some dental-specific food and toothpaste (yep, that exists). It’s actually way easier to get her to let me do it than I thought it would be, she’s been particularly dopey recently so she’s basically cool with everything.

After a stop off at the market and some lunch we popped out for a sunset walk around Greenham Common, it was really pretty, I love how flat some parts of it are, you can see for miles. It’s usually deserted but there were so many people out at the same time, I guess it makes a lot of sense though considering it’s the first bit of sun we’ve seen in these parts for what feels like an age.

I haven’t been taking nearly as many photographs as I would have liked to so it was a nice excuse to take as many as possible of the beautiful sunset, it’s just a shame that it didn’t signal that we’d have as a nice day today.

It wouldn’t be a walk around Greenham Common without some cows. 🙂

In other news (ish):

  • I did do something productive with my time off and updated my portfolio, I don’t really know why I put it off for so long because it was much easier to do than I thought. I’m actually pretty pleased with it, it was quite fun to put together collections of images again.
  • Have you seen #100HappyDays photos floating around Instagram recently? I’ve been loving seeing everyone’s different takes on it. Each time I see one I want to start one myself and even passively it makes me feel a little happier. I think I’m going to give it a go once the 1st February rolls around because I think it would feel a little more organised. Have you been doing it, I’d love to see your efforts.

After a huge Sunday pub lunch with Moon’s dad this afternoon I’m feeling totally food coma’d, it’s tomato and butterbean soup for tea tonight, something different that I can’t wait to try.

Hope you have a wonderful end to your weekend.

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