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Soggy, Swampy Sunday.

Moon and I took ourselves somewhere a little different for a Sunday walk a couple of weekends ago. It was back to Snelsmore Common, which perhaps wasn’t the wisest decision due to the recent flooding and Moon’s irresponsible choice of footwear – he had quite the time swamp-dodging!

It was a very different kind of walk from the one we took with our friends, Tom and Matt on their last visit. I was able to get much closer to the horse this time around and the sunset was pretty great though which more than made up for the puddles.

All in all it was the perfect opportunity to give my new Joules tweed coat a quick trial. A late-Christmas present from Moon, it was a lot warmer than it looked like it was going to be and I love the little ‘Joules details’ about it all over – plus, it’s pretty smart and flattering, even more so once it’s sans cat hair (Dolly!).

Coat: Joules
Dress: H&M
Scarf: Primark (yonks ago!)
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Boots: New Look

This scarf has been a staple forever, back when I trusted Primark with my pennies…
Brooch: My Bear Hands

I’m really hoping that my daffodils poking through and occasionally seeing a smidge more sunshine means that this rain is on its way out, silly optimism really as we’re due snow at the end of the week.

The boy with the brightest shoes!

It’s been a little while since I’ve done any kind of ‘outfit post’, which I guess just comes with winter (and the goddamn rain) but I did quite enjoy it. Plus it was pretty nice to be dressed up without having to worry about having somewhere to go, something I’ve been all to guilty of thanks to Skint(Jan)uary.

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