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Give It Some ‘Get Up and Go’!

With my first full week at work of 2014 almost done and dusted, I’m already feeling the itch for a drawn out weekend walk to blow the cobwebs out. I think I’m on a search for somewhere new.
When I first stumbled across Veronica Dearly’s Terrific Year Calendar, it seemed like the perfect one for me, full of prompts to keep me busy. Unfortunately my spotting it came after we’d already chose our calendar for the year – a pretty fun (read: nerdy) world facts one – so alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

That said, her calendar did allow me to stumble across her beautiful website, complete with enviable handwritten graphics, a wonderful portfolio and fun blog – as well as a more ‘Internet-friendly’ version of her Terrific Year Project. It comes hand in hand with the idea that it’s just better feel a bit happier, whether it’s through doing things passively or actually getting out there.

I figured I’d pick a couple of her nice prompts from her recent Enjoy the Great Outdoors post, firstly because they’re things I’d like to get doing and secondly because I think you really need to see them. I really think taking note of ‘Terrific Year’ will help me work towards making a bit more of my lunch break too!

I’m a big fan of Veronica’s style and it’s been easy for me to completely forget about my interest in actual creative things when I’m so busy working and sleeping. Hopefully this marks the beginning of taking a bit more time on this part of my brain.

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