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A Little Wishlist.

If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve spent nearly all of January being particularly skint, I’d say that I’ve also been pretty good at saving, which is definitely something I want to try and get really good at this year.

With that being said, it’s pretty difficult not to spy fun things to splash out on, besides, one of these things isn’t even for me.

  1. Eliza and The Bear ‘Southern Wild’ Sweatshirt – Having heard Eliza and the Bear on Xfm a couple of weeks ago, I’ve fallen for them. Their song ‘It Gets Cold’ was an instant favourite and ‘Southern Wild’ allowed me to be reminded of the wonders of the ‘Beasts of Southern Wild soundtrack. The fact that this sweatshirt has a bear on it only sweetens the deal, I really like the colour and it’s not going to be warm enough to go without some extra layers for a while so it would be a welcome addition.
  2. Not Another Bill Subscription Box – This might be the best subscription box idea I’ve seen to date. I think they look to provide great ‘boyfriend’ gifts and with Moon’s birthday coming up at the beginning of March it couldn’t have been discovered at a better time! Not only do they post gifts from independent designers but quite a few past gifts have featured nice fonts and wood, two of Moon’s favourites. I’m hoping that a three-month subscription will be fun and different, and perfect for a boy who never tells anybody what he wants.
  3. Muffin-Top Mattress – A rather silly (grown-up) thing to get excited about but this mattress from looks like an absolute dream. My spare time has been a lot about sleeping recently and although this is a bit extravagant, it’s probably about third or fourth on our list of ‘home priorities’ if we decide to stay put.
  4. Month Toothbrushes – Spotted on the ‘past gifts’ section of ‘Not Another Bill’, these wooden brushes are so cute and definitely make me a little resentful of my boring electric toothbrush. They serve a practical use as well as looking great too and let you know how long you should use them for.
  5. Scout Motto Doormat – This definitely makes me long for a door that comes in from outside, sadly the dark corridor that is our hallway just wouldn’t do this cute doormat justice but it can just sit here until I can do something with it.

Are you looking forward to pay-day? What do you think of Not Another Bill?

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