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Sending Out Christmas Cards

I think it’s because Moon and I were friends for quite a while before we were boyfriend and girlfriend and maybe to some extent because we’re still such good friends now but considering we’ve been together for so long it surprises me how many ‘couple’ milestones we’re still reaching.

December 2013, it’s about joint Christmas cards. We’ve sent gifts to people as a couple before but I was pretty nervous about this mass statement to our friends and family. I guess it all feels pretty grown up and like anything that’s grown up, it’s scary. I was actually pretty surprised by how un-bothered my friends were to receive a Christmas card from the both of us, and actually more surprised to see that they seemed to like it.

We got them printed from, a company I really trust for quality after using them for business cards when I properly thought I could hack freelance Photography. They didn’t disappoint either, their system was really easy to use and they arrived really quickly in a neat package. The paper and print quality was pretty great for these too and I’d definitely recommend them, obviously the files I used were pretty high-res anyway but there wasn’t any smudging or blurring.

Do you get our festive anagram?
After taking photographs of Doll in the snow at the beginning of the year, I thought that a Christmas card would be a great way to share it, it was just a shame I had to wait so long. Doll was a bit confused by the snow and I guess we took advantage of her a little but I do enjoy having such a placid little cat.

Hopefully everyone will have got these cards in time for Christmas and although it was a small milestone, we’ll have been together 7 and a half years next week so I guess it was a little silly to be so worried. I’m already looking forward to picking out a picture for next year. I quite like the personalised touch – especially doing doodles on each envelope and card to make up for everyone pretty much getting the same thing.

My ma certainly appreciated my efforts…

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