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Ruby’s Second Chance Christmas Fair.

Tis the season for Christmas markets, and aside from my recent trip to Bath decent pickings are seem to be slim, especially in Newbury.

Despite picking up a couple of pretty decent things when we went last year, Moon and I were overall pretty disappointed with Ruby’s Vintage Fair and hadn’t returned since. It was an easy way to fill part of the afternoon when our friends Dan and Kirstin came to stay though so we took a drive (in Moon’s flash new car) up to their new location and were actually pretty impressed.

They definitely made the most of the space, if we hadn’t been looking for a more substantial lunch it would have been nice to stop for tea at the tearooms they’d set up.

I’m not sure if it was because of Christmas, but there was a pretty wide collection of stalls and all with such varied selection at reasonable prices. I failed massively on the Christmas shopping front again but I made a great fuchsia cardigan and cute cat & mouse brooch mine so that’s alright.

Even though we used Kirstin and Dan’s visit as an excuse, I’m glad we went and the £1 entry fee didn’t seem like a rip-off this time around. I’d definitely be interested in going again and have already recommended it to Catherine from Isobelle’s Pantry (you should look at her crochet holly garlands, they’re so cute(!)) as a great place in Berkshire to have a stall.

It certainly made a nice change from the regular traditonal Christmas markets we’ve been to and I haven’t been to a decent vintage fair in ages. Thinking back about this now I can’t wait to get back over to ‘basically London’ and have a proper mooch.

Have you been making the most of Christmas markets near you?

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