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I feel like my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 are incredibly obvious and easy ones but to give me a reason to keep it up, I figured sharing it with you was as good a way to motivate myself as any…

Although I do often feel as though starting a new year with a list of things to do does feel a little cliché, it still feels like the right way to start – beginning it all with a fresh head and some new goals.

1. Read More.

This is something I’ve been doing really well with in recent months, having read three books since August, it’s definitely something I don’t see why I can’t keep up and I would so like to be able to do a few reviews a la Becky Bedbug. I have so many beautiful books that are just taking up space on my bookshelves longing to be read and I have a feeling it’s going to feel so good once I get around to it.

2. Save more, spend less.

One that’s been on my list for a few years now and I feel that turning 25 in 2014 means it’s really about time that I nip it in the bud. I found a great source of saving tips on Pinterest, the 52 Week method is my favourite and seems like a good place to start. 

3. Eat more healthily & exercise a bit…

Feeling like a ‘bit of a girl’ about this one and it’s one I’d love to be able to do privately and come out surprising everyone with how great and self-motivated I am, but it doesn’t work like that so this is the year I’d like to have more patience for it. I don’t even really want to do it for any particular reason, it would just be swell to have a lot more energy and I’m hoping this would do it.

4. Take back my lunchbreaks.

This is a bit of a tough one. Sitting behind a desk all day is all very well and good and I actually do quite enjoy my job but, and it goes very much hand in hand with ‘Resolution #4’, I just need more fresh air. It’s just another thing that I think might combat day-to-day lethargy.

5. Be better at staying in touch.

I think this year has been a great one for making new friends and seeing old ones, but I still feel like I can do better. If we stay there, we’ll have been living in our little flat for two years in April and I feel like I should have had more of my family round or at least been better at extending an invitation. I also want to keep up more with birthday cards, maybe not always presents but definitely always cards – it feels quite grown up but I quite like that.

6. Sort out the ‘frame situation’.

Moon and I have so much framed stuff on our walls, and I like that, but we also have quite a few things that are yet to go up. All we’d need to do is rearrange a few things but the main thing stopping us is lack of nice frames for our lovely artwork that’s yet to go up. Why’s that a problem? Well, because all we need to do is get measuring and go buying, it’s quick and simple but we’re still putting it off – at least if it gets to this time next year and nothing’s been done then I can recognise that we might have a problem.

7. Print more photographs.

I’m not too bad at sharing photographs but I’m terrible at printing them. I know it’s something my Gran would like me to do and I’ve actually got a (huge) folder sitting on my laptop waiting to be printed. This is the year I do it, then I’ll have photos to go into albums and up on the wall (if we ever sort out that darn ‘frame situation).

So there you have it, what are your New Year’s Resolutions? I’m just hoping I’ve picked things that are nice and realistic, funnily enough, Buzzfeed seems to think so.

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