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Photo An Hour: November // and a Quick Update.

I hope you don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, things have been so busy (and hectic) around here and literally all I want to do is veg. At first I felt like I didn’t have much to talk about anyway, now I have a big backlog of stuff, and I just don’t feel like it, oh what a first-world blogging problem.

I’ve been looking into starting a Bullet Journal but I really think it would give me just that little push to be slightly more productive. It feels like it’s been pretty hard to do that recently, especially since it’s dark when I wake up and when I go home. Let’s just say I’m looking forward to upping my vitamin D intake and making the most of the outdoors during the Christmas holidays (and not having to drive my car everywhere).

I guess November’s Photo An Hour is a perfect example of what I’ve just been talking about – I mean, what a lazy thing I am…

7am // Waking up at ‘normal work day’ time, discovering it’s not quite light and deciding to doze a while longer.

11am // My dozing turns into full-on sleep and I lose my whole morning.

12pm // Crumpets and tea for breakfast(ish).

1pm // Gratuitous cat picture, she’s been such a grub lately.

2pm // Laundry; because I’m a domestic goddess.

3pm // Post-shower living room window.

4pm // Heading quickly to Sainsbury’s to pick up some advent calendars for Moon and I – I failed.

5pm // Making room for the Christmas tree(!)

6pm // Continuing the peace and quiet I’ve relished in all day.

7pm // Dinner for one of pie and chips.

8pm // Treating myself to a miniature desert.

9pm // Important Admin, obviously.

10pm // Waiting for Moon to come home with a cup of tea.
So that was the last day of my November, I don’t want to keep saying I’ll be doing a bit more blogging soon and then not do it but I am hoping to…

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