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I Love Wight Christmas.

Last weekend Moon and I took ourselves over to the Isle of Wight to stay with our friends, Stacy and Pip and catch up with all our Uni friends before Christmas and the New Year. I feel like we’ve been much better at keeping in touch this year than we have previous years and I quite like that.

We did Secret Santa which was super-fun – I got a sweet cushion with Doll’s face on it from Simon – went to a gem of a pub called The Taverners, ate some pretty amazing food and finished up the evening with beer pong to get our energy levels up(!)

3-Cheese Fondue with Parsnip Crisps.

Stacy likes to collect interesting objects and naturally everyone had to have a try…

We spent Sunday morning checking out Cowes’ Christmas Festival, which was full of lots of tasty treats, and poking about Cowes’ lovely shops.

I ended my weekend with Fred Claus, all in all I’d declare it was a good one.

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