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I Love Every Kind of Cat.

Prepare yourself for some incredibly gratuitous cat photos.
My friend Laura recently moved to Reading so that’s a total of two couples that are within reasonable ‘pop round for the evening’ driving distance. A couple of weeks after she moved she was dead set on getting a cat, unfortunately her boyfriend is allergic to life and that includes cats so a really hypo-allergenic one was the way to go – enter Reuben, a six-month old bargain sphynx cat who was perfect for the job.

Tim’s still allergic to him but he’s getting better, and some of his flare ups may be down to winding poor Reuben up which results in a bit of biting and scratching.

That aside, Reuben is genuinely one of the friendliest cats I’ve ever met, he even curled up inside my cardigan on our first meeting, now I’ve seen him a couple of times we’re best buds. He’s a bit strange to look at I suppose, but he more than makes up for that in personality by the bag full.

NUMBER ONE SPHYNX CAT QUESTION: What does he feel like?
He’s really, really warm, like warmer than touching a person’s arm and he’s completely hairless so I guess I’d compare him to a freshly shaved leg. It’s weird stroking him and watching his skin ping back to it’s original position but you pretty much handle him like any other cat. He’s not more scratchy or prone to being scratched but he does love to climb and that includes climbing people so he does use his claws then.

It’s so weird how much ‘give’ he has compared to Doll’s floppy manner. It was couple of months between our first meeting and our second one last week, and I’d say he’s grown a bit but is still a pretty tiny cat. I’m so glad Laura decided to keep him after initial jitters over Tim’s allergies, especially since it was obvious how much she’d fallen for him within a couple of days – and that’s despite having to regularly clean out his ears with cotton buds (like a human!).

I would apologise for being a bit of a crazy cat lady but if I didn’t have that accolade before, my Secret Santa gift from the weekend has certainly given me a few bragging rights for a little while.

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