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Greeting December in Bath.

I really wanted my first trip to Bath to be a special one, maybe to mark an occasion or to have a point. I’m not quite sure why, but first-time visits to cities aren’t something I like to do for a mooch. That said, the only reason we headed to Bath was to visit their beautiful Christmas market, but what’s an easier way to make something special than to cover it in tinsel and fairy lights?

Such a fitting way to kick start our Christmas spirit!

Don’t really get the hot mulled drinks thing, but I do like the smell.

Having heard Bath Christmas Markets was one of the best, I was pretty excited and I was far from disappointed – sadly I didn’t manage to do one bit of the Christmas shopping that I’d been planning to do but I did get a few cute things for Moon (and myself).

Finding Found! – Bath is full of so many lovely independent shops that when combined with the market, I didn’t have much time for anywhere else.

Derpy Christmas Deer.

The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was what we had for lunch – being famished by the time we arrived we went for the first place we came across, I pretty dire buffet called, Jimmy’s. Even GBK would have done and it seems silly but it was one of those things where once we were full we saw lots of lovely cafés and restaurants that would have been a much nicer way to sample the city’s culinary delights. I’m looking forward to going back, especially now I feel I have a better idea of what’s there, it would be silly not to anyway, given that it’s so close by.

Seems crazy that this was nearly two weeks ago, Bath Christmas Market actually finishes tomorrow already, but I’d definitely recommend getting yourself down there if you can.

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