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Bye bye, 2013. You’ve been swell.

It’s New Year’s Eve already, this time last year I was seeing in 2013 in Florida with convenience store fireworks but that feels like such an age ago. I’ve been tired, I’ve been happy and I’ve started to grow my hair again.

I quite enjoy doing these ‘look back posts’, it’s nice to see what’s changed over the year so I’ve put together a ‘year in pictures’-style post, because I like to play up Photographer occasionally.


Snow Joke: Doll had her first anniversary with us and saw her first snow, I’m not sure what she made of it but it made a great Christmas card.


I passed my driving test!: What felt like an impossible goal, driving is something that just didn’t come easy to me but I finally did it and it’s one of the best things that happened to me in 2013. Driving was something I was really apprehensive but now I’m so glad I can get up and go wherever I like whenever I like – although I really must start walking more again.


Taking lots of walks on Greenham Common: …and taking lots of guests up there. It’s easily our favourite place for a Sunday afternoon stroll, it’s a bit of shame we haven’t had as much time to head up there lately actually but it’s definitely on my to-do list.


First visit to Bristol: April was the month I met Bristol and I love it. 2013 was definitely a year for discovering what’s going on nearby and I certainly got a lot out of my little car.


Making the most of Bank Holiday time off: May saw our first visit to Moon’s dad’s new home in Portrush. We made the most of the late-May Bank Holiday with Dot-to-Dot Festival, the Berkshire Country Fayre and a wonderful trip to Windsor.


Here there and everywhere: We visited our friends Tom and Matt up in London for the first time, discovered Newbury’s dining gem ‘The Taco Shop’ (it’s closed down now *sobs*), I won tickets for Taste of London thanks to my friends at Flavrbox and of course Glastonbury 2013 – we’re so gutted not to have tickets for next year, especially since Arcade Fire are Friday’s headliners and I’d so love to see them, still, we were definitely due and three years on the trot isn’t half bad.


Full to the brim of weekend adventures: I’d definitely say July was my favourite. With more London exploring, a wedding, barbecues and entertaining town-mice, I certainly feel like I took full advantage of any free time I had and filled it up with fun things.



We played with dogs, experienced Inamo’s ‘interactive dining’ and got free tickets to the Royal Berkshire County Show – it’s the first time I’ve used my blog like that and I was really pleased with the results. September was also the month I was reunited with my old friend Laura after she moved to Reading from London.



Not a lot happened in November, but I did get to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, which was pretty great. We also hosted a Bonfire Night party and everyone got to try The Taco Shop before it closed that following weekend…


Doing ALL the Christmas things: I took my first trip to Bath at the most festive time, we put up our Christmas tree for the second time and sent out our first Christmas cards as a couple – very exciting stuff(!)

Other Good Things in 2013:

  • I got a promotion
  • Moon and I celebrated 7 years together
  • …and a year in our little flat
  • A new blog design that I did myself and am completely happy with
  • I completed my Photo An Hour challenge

I did think that not a lot had happened in 2013, and I suppose it was a bit of a quiet year but I’ve enjoyed it all the same and my photo library lets me know that I’ve had quite a few snap-happy adventures. I hope 2014 brings exciting things and maybe the chance to travel and venture further.

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