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Spontaneously Unspontaneous.

When I was contacted by to take part in their ‘Spontaneity Champion’ Campaign, I must admit that while I was quite excited, I was also left feeling pretty stumped.

Firstly, I never really get fun emails like that so that was nice, and secondly I’m really not all that spontaneous – I like nights in watching bad films with massive mugs of tea and most aspects of routine are pretty satisfying to me. Spontaneity to me is all about running off and not really caring much, but I think I always care – then again, the way I’ve settled down to my cosy boring life is probably one of the more spontaneous things I’ve done…

Once Moon got his first ‘proper’ job after we finished Uni, he had to move out – it was in Andover and as close as that is for nipping back to Dorking for a weekend, to commute over an hour every day is a bit much. So he basically plucked Newbury out of thin air as somewhere that wasn’t too small, was cheap for rent (not the case anymore) and was close to bigger towns for jobs for me and places to go.
Aside from a few internships, I still hadn’t had a job out of university yet but he asked me to come with him and with the savings I had left and my mum’s blessing, that’s exactly what I did. I guess part of it was because I couldn’t really be doing with the long-distance thing again and the other part of it was a real need for independence again. It was a little scary, once we moved in I spent a lot of time on my own watching ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ but I soon landed a job at the local cinema a few weeks later and have been able to look after myself ever since. It’s not quite running off to Paris to be a painter but all of that happened in the space of just a month which seems crazy to me now!

Post-uni days you’re probably not going to find me out on the tiles and I don’t really have the money (the balls) to just up and leave my stable job for travelling around the world – even though I still hope to dip into that at some point – I’m currently thinking about mortgages so I don’t know what that says…

But I guess spontaneity comes in lots of different forms and taking the plunge to move out of my mum’s house and make my own home is one of biggest decisions I’ve made and 18 months later, I’m definitely glad I did.

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