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Indian Summer Breeze.

Because we’d had such an action-packed first day and because Moon had a long drive back to Newbury in the mid-afternoon (but also because Kirstin and I stayed up until 3am yapping), we opted for rounding our little Norfolk weekender off with a relaxed walk along Old Hunstanton beach. Just a short walk from Dan’s parent’s home, it was pretty ideal and even though we weren’t quite prepared for the blustery sandstorm that awaited us, it was so nice to see the sun shine and breathe in the sea air.

Not quite sure how this photo came to be but I definitely commend Moon’s photography skills pretty highly for it.

I think this was my favourite photo-spot of the weekend – after the seals of course – I always find that the weather makes such a difference and the bright blue sky made for such great lines and layers.

My best Steve Zissou impression.

I guess the wind and the wonderful sun were signs of the supposed storm, but it was hard to tell as Norfolk is apparently usually windy thanks to it’s flatness. I got sand in my eyes and embedded into my tights but watching the sand floating across the beach was pretty mesmerising and it was very easy to get some shelter just by climbing over the dunes.

In other sand-related news, I accidentally filled one of my pockets with sand due to overenthusiastic shell-collecting.

Norfolk has certainly done the job with motivating me a bit more, I’m not sure if it’s down to the place or just getting away generally but I feel like I’m full of ideas at the moment(!!!)

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