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“No story lives unless someone wants to listen”J.K. Rowling.

This last weekend has been a busy one, but I was thankful to have a day off on Friday to catch up on some personal admin before heading to Warner Bros Studios with my sister to check out the Making of Harry Potter studio tour. My sister is a huge Harry Potter fan, even heading to the cinema to watch each film back-to-back before the final one came out, so, as I couldn’t work out what to get her for her birthday this year I figured this was a pretty good idea.

Exactly where I decided wigs are weird.

The location was a bit of faff, we’d booked to go in the evening so what should have been a quick 40 minute drive ended up being an almost 2 hour one – the M25 never fails in stressing me the heck out.

Once we arrived though, it was all good, the staff were super-friendly and after the guided part of the tour was over I was pretty impressed at what free-reign we were given when looking around. It turns out that I definitely like Harry Potter a lot more than I thought I did and I ended up feeling pretty magical.

My favourite exhibit was the one about all the pets

Delores Umbridge’s office was also a fave, especially after reading about how they made the cat plates(!)

In total we were there for a a good three hours and all the little details really made it a great experience, from the sets to the concept art. I did think that the price of butterbeer was a little extortionate, because sure, it’s one of just two places you can get it but I’m sure it’s only like $3 at Universal and may as well be £10 here for a much smaller cup, and when you consider the price of the ticket you’d think they could ease up on that a bit.

The weirdest room.

I’ve seen a few other blogs about the tour and friend’s photos but I genuinely wasn’t sure what to expect, I don’t think that it’s something that I’d do again really soon, but as it’s only temporary, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who has even the slightest amount of interest in the Harry Potter franchise. I think that an evening tour made the difference but it was still pretty busy with it being pesky halfterm so waiting around to snap photos did become a bit of a chore by the end.

Diagon Alley.

Even the detail of the tiny scale-models was quite a lot to take in, but the miniature set really was something to behold.

Are you thinking about taking the Harry Potter Studio Tour? If you’ve been what did you think, it certainly was an enchanting experience.

You can see a few more of my snaps here.

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