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The Other October Gig: Bowling for Soup – Farewell UK Tour

So, while I’ve been busy winning a couple of cool-points by seeing Spector (that’s a thing, right?), a couple of weeks ago, I also did a little bit of making up to my teen-self by checking out Bowling for Soup at the ‘new’ O2 Academy Southampton Guildhall for their Farewell UK Tour.

We’ve seen Bowling for Soup a few times now and to give them credit, it’s always a fun night out and this certainly was no exception. Their support, Patent Pending really won me over by appealing to 16-year-old-me with their bouncy, happy pop-punk, they swam through the crowd too!

Bowling for Soup pretty much only played the hits, with only a few new ones thrown in, which is definitely what you want as a old fan who’s not kept up to date.

I know I’ve taken quite a few photos and I do take photos at gigs, what was pretty noticeable at this gig though was the sheer amount of people videoing everything, definitely a new peeve of mine. I mean, do it, but at least video things the right way round – really though, all you’re achieving is a sore arm and Bowling for Soup are even kind enough to give you a ‘photo opportunity’ moment so really in this case, you have no excuse.

I felt a little bit out of place, what with all the much cooler people with blue hair, but I laughed and danced a lot, you simply cannot beat a bit of pop-punk. Apparently this isn’t Bowling for Soup’s last UK tour ever, it’s just for a bit, but it does mark the end of something.

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