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Photo An Hour: 9/12 – September

Only 2 more months to go and I’ll have managed to do one of these a month for a whole year! It feels like this year has flown by faster than the last, I can’t quite believe it. And to think I’ve been working with Christmas since August and soon it really will be here.

These were taken on a trip Moon and I made with some friends to visit our other friends on the Isle of Wight for their housewarming. I have a few more pictures from The Needles to show you but just a snippet will serve it’s purpose right now.

9am // Post-shower sit-down before the cavalry arrives.

10am // Enroute to Southampton.

11 am // Grey skies at the ferry terminal.

12pm // Bumpy sea.

1pm // Moon clutches a convincing taxidermy duckling.

2pm // Time for lunch
(and skip-out on 3pm’s photo thanks to seasickness)

4pm // Catching the chairlift down to the beach at Needles Park.

5pm // Admiring the sandstone.

6pm // Playing the ‘how many cars can we squeeze in here’ game.

7pm // Drinking games ahoy!

8pm // If there’s a better pre-curry game to play than beer pong we haven’t heard of it(!)
This kind of made me realise why I tend to do more of these while lounging about, it’s so easy to forget to do it with so many other things going on – this is a good ‘life thing’ but a less good ‘photo challenge’ thing.

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