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Photo An Hour: 10/12 – October.

06/10/2013.With taking up a Project 365 but lacking a lot of motivation when it comes to taking photos – I blame the shorter daylight hours and lack of time – I was pretty chuffed to have done a Photo an Hour challenge so early on this month, and on a Sunday where we were doing things no less!

9am // Trying fruitlessly to get Glastonbury 2014 tickets – we were definitely due, having been lucky enough to get them each year that we’d tried previously. It was made all the more frustrating though by the fact I managed to get through to the payment page three times with no joy. Sort it out, Seetickets, yeah?

10am // Post-Glasto sulk.

11am // Getting started on an 8 hour slow-cooked beef brisket – it looks kind of gross here, it wasn’t.

12pm // On the road into Reading.

1pm // Meeting my friend Laura and her boyfriend, Tim for lunch at Tampopo – on a sidenote, on my recent trip home I stocked up on two bags of frozen edamame beans, this should keep my cravings satisfied for a while.

2pm // Checking out The Reading Vintage Fair at The Purple Turtle. I picked up a great purple skirt for just £15, but overall I wasn’t really impressed, where was the rest of it?

3pm // Grabbing a cuppa and having a natter at Patisserie Valerie.

4pm // Snapping Reading from The Oracle car park, doesn’t look to shabby.

5pm // Did I mention we have a leg massager? Yeah, we have one of those…

6pm // Talking to this fussy grump.

7pm // Moon being a man(!!!)

8pm // After leaving us that afternoon, Laura went to go and pick up her sphynx cat, Reuben. I was lucky to meet him last week. I hope Tim’s allergies don’t get the better of him and they get to keep him, he’s the loveliest cat.

9pm // How to do things on a Sunday night: Drink tea and play GTA V.

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