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Norfolking Around.

I’ve returned from a weekend away in Norfolk with what feels like a new lease of life and wind in my sails – which is pretty puntastic considering how windy it is over there (and everywhere) at the moment!

Our friends Dan and Kirstin were kind enough to host us for the weekend and show us the sights of North Norfolk, from seal watching to nature-filled walks, I felt quite lucky that we had such good guides. I’ve never been to that part of the UK before so it was a lot of fun to discover somewhere new, even if it was only for a short while.

The long drive was almost completely forgotten about once we arrived and was even more of a distant memory by the time we were up for the delicious breakfast Dan and Kirstin whipped up for us the following morning. It’s certainly part of the country I’d like to visit again, anywhere with so many independent shops stocking vintage ad faux vintage things was always going to have a huge tick by it.

Visiting Norfolk for the first time has brought back memories of when I first went to Cornwall, there are so many places to see just in the UK, how am I ever going to fit it in on top of all the other things?

I’ve taken a lot more photos than I have in a while so I think I’m going to spread them out a bit, whether it’s just in separate posts or dotted between others, I haven’t decided yet. I feel really good about the photos I’ve taken and I’ve added quite a few to my ‘to print’ folder – it’s so nice to be snapping again. ♥

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