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IOW: The Needles.

You might have seen in my last Photo an Hour that when visiting our Islander friends at the end of September we were treated to a trip to Needles Park.

I took a few photographs and figured it would be a shame not to share them when I was limited to just one before. I wish we’d gone a little earlier before things had closed – it always seems a little silly to me when things shut before 5:00pm on a Saturday. A few of us braved the chairlift – and for me, I mean braved. It was rickety as hell, I didn’t even notice ‘the amount of shoes’ everyone was talking about once we got to the bottom.

It was a one-way trip down to the beach, which the operators were pretty heavy on reminding us about once we got to the bottom – they didn’t stick around long either…

I really like the sandstone cliffs and the view out to The Needles. I remember visiting there on the obligatory year 6 Isle of Wight trip years ago, we took a boat trip and saw some glass blowing. I must admit one thing though, it really tested how terribly unfit I am, it’s definitely on the list of things to improve upon…

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