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I had a whole bunch of things planned for this week, I was going to get everything done…

Instead, I’ve played a lot of GTA V, met my friend Laura’s new sphinx cat (what a dream!), found some new American TV shows that I like and have basically been a deadly combination of a bit busy and very lazy.
I’m not even really sorry though, like, everything just seems to feel a lot harder when it’s dark when you wake up and getting dark by the time you tumble through the door at the end of the day – I like autumn, but I’m not down with this.

There are a few things backed up that I’ve yet to share but I haven’t worked around to scheduling anything – I’m a bit gutted about that because I was getting so good at it before I slumped.

I think next week will be better – I’ll feel less groggy and will have had an unrushed change of scenery, plus I’m seeing Bowling for Soup tonight and that’s quite good.

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