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‘Don’t Ever Let It End!’ – Spector, Oakford Social Club

In between Fred Macpherson’s ‘fuck you’ banter and a terrifying ‘pushing pit’ that made me fear for my life, Spector’s gig at the (trendy-Wendy) Oakford Social Club in Reading on Saturday night was pretty swell.

Missing out on getting to see these guys at Gathering Festival last year was one of the major bummers of the night, so I was excited to get to see them again. They had a little bit of making up to do after their awesome set at Reading Festival last year preceded congratulations to those who’d just received their GSCE results (*weeps*) so it was pretty good to see them in a setting where that was unlikely to happen.

I wasn’t overly impressed with their support, Pale, they were a little depressing; the lead singer’s voice was beautiful so they could have just looked a little less sad about it. I also didn’t like the fact he was wearing a jumper, it was so hot in there, just take it off. We weren’t 100% on the support anyway as we had anticipated SWIMDEEP, then thought it might be Jaws, but it turned out to be neither, weird.

Spector were very much on-point, aside from the bizarre freeze-frame ‘shh’ bit during Grim Reefer, a la The Hives, but not as cool. They sounded just as good as the CD and even threw in some new material from their ‘difficult second album’. With ‘Friday Night’, (the scary when live) ‘Chevvy Thunder’ and finishing up with ‘Never Fade Away’, easily one of my favourites – I like most things that involve clapping – I definitely think they won Moon over who was less than impressed that I’d got the tickets in the first place.

I really liked the venue too, I was a little apprehensive after being advised by colleagues that it was a little rough around the edges but it seems like my kind of place. I love a pretentious pub with boardgames and VHS tapes! Jokes aside, their food looks amazing and with a fun-sounding craft fair on the first Sunday of the month and a weekly pub quiz, I can see myself visiting it at least one more time – if only to showcase a snippet more of Reading to my friend Laura who just moved here last month.

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