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A Load of Holkham.

To round up our first afternoon in Norfolk we ended up having a long walk along Holkham Beach. I found it completely different from any other beach I’ve been to before, the sand goes on for miles and we had to walk through woodland on both sides of our circuit.

The main attraction for Holkham Bay has to be the impressive amount of beach hunts, which come in all shapes and sizes – it’s so fun to see how different people have done them up, or how they’ve neglected them…

The beach café was a great pitstop and perfect for eyeing up cute dogs, and they sell lemon Fanta, which is easily the mark of somewhere good.

The walk we did was a little bit longer than I had expected but it’s definitely got me hungry for me – we did so much walking last autumn but that seemed to be overtaken by other things once summer rolled around. I definitely think autumn and winter are best for walks anyway, there are few things better than coming in from the cold and having a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

What do you think of chilly autumnal walks, do you have any that you would recommend?

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