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Where Giants Roamed…

The second tourist destination of our visit to Ireland was The Giant’s Causeway, another place that’s in every County Antrim guidebook, ever. I must say, it was pretty disappointing after it was even talked up by my Gran as a Northern Ireland ‘must-see’ and I was pretty jealous of the beautiful photos Moon’s brother’s girlfriend took on their visit.

There are a few things that let it down I suppose; firstly, classic Irish weather, although it did look pretty cool and moody, secondly was it was just too crowded, not that fun considering how huge the area is anyway. The final thing, which ended up not affecting me, is the price – my top tip for The Giants Causeway should you ever go is that you should avoid the ‘Visitor’s Centre’ – there are other places to buy souvenirs unrelated to the National Trust that don’t require you to pay to go in, they charge £8.50 car parking and a further £8.50 each to walk through the gift shop and on to the Causeway. The Visitor’s Centre only has a few facts about Finn McCool but not much else, it’s easy to avoid and you can just carry on walking (this is something we might have done). We were lucky enough grab a parking spot just a short walk away from the site and were able to take in even more of the County Antrim countryside as we walked down.

Can you spot the ‘camel’? I’ll give you a clue, it’s on the left.

A wild tourist appears!

Andrew Moon: Explorer.

‘The Boot’.

‘The Organ’ – Walking up to this made me feel like a real rambler.

Good job the photos not good enough to show the beads of sweat…

Taken by a lovely chap who had made it his duty to take a photo for someone every few steps back up the hill.

I feel like there if they’re going to make such a big deal out of this place there should be more to it than a nice walk and they certainly shouldn’t be charging people to essentially take in some fresh air. It kind of made me realise how lazy I can be, I’m a big fan of ‘the walk’, not so much of hills or any kind of slope. I do feel like it made me challenge myself a bit, I made it up to ‘the organ’ and everything, I got a little huffy and puffy, but I did it…!

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