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Photo An Hour: 8/12 – August

Better late than never, am I right? I can’t believe September is here already but I sure am glad that the sun is still shining because I’m definitely not ready to give up summertime just yet. I’ve got a bunch of photos to share with you from our trip to Ireland last week but I thought getting this out of the way would be a little more logical.

9am – Being creeped on by this little grub // Post-flight blow-dry.

10am – Getting the new towels Moon’s dad bought us out to dry by 10am on a Saturday because I’m some kind of super-human // Ridiculously proud of how my cucumbers are coming along.

11am – Popping into town to post off the last of my eBay things.

12pm – Picking up this week’s fruit and veg from the market, a pretty good choice, I wish we had the time to do it every week ♥

1pm – Cobbs for lunch, we were attacked by wasps and had to go inside, would definitely recommend their fennel & salmon salad if it didn’t have fennel in it.

2pm – Hunting for raspberries.

3pm – Admiring Cobbs’ pumpkins and realising how terrible our effort last year was, it didn’t even turn orange!

4pm – Homebase for weedkiller(!)

5pm – Last of the errands for the day, a post-holiday shop.

6pm#firstworldprobleming over having to get my phone back to how I like it. // Fajitas for tea courtesy of a joint-effort by Moon and my sister.

7pm – Post-food mountain walk around the block, such pretty skies.

8pm – X-Factor time, not sure how likely we are to keep watching it this year…

9pm – Time to give Doll a bath, which meant getting almost a whole cat’s worth of fur off her first, SO FLUFFY!

I was pretty lazy again this month but I’m glad I managed to fit August’s Photo an Hour on a day where I was running around doing a fair bit. I felt pretty grown up having so many errands to run right after coming back from a holiday, it was also pretty nice to spend some time with my sister and show off Cobbs before raspberry picking – not a bad way to end August really.

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