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Late-August Public Garden.

After spending the last few hours we had in Northern Ireland wandering around a rather drizzly but sweaty Belfast Botanic Gardens, I’m still going to come away from it saying that every park ever should be like this one.

It’s filled with windy trails and secret-garden-type corners and it’s so well maintained and full of beautiful flowers. On top of all of that, it’s got a palm house, essentially a large green house but it’s full to the brim with both exotic and local plants, which are again really well looked after.

It was sunny for about five minutes the whole time we were in Belfast until just before we left for the airport, the only real rain we had the whole week(!)

I nerded out a little over the succulents, and felt a little sad that mine are so teeny in comparison, I could do great things if I had my own palm house…

I sure wish we’d planted some of these again this year, will definitely suggest if we’re still here next summer, I love the different pops of colour they bring.

I love statues!

Even if it was a bit wet, it was something I wasn’t quite expecting or planning but I’m glad we saw it. I was pretty amazed that they allow the public to use the space for free, it made me feel pretty privileged to have found such a gem when I wasn’t looking.

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