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Days Out with Dogs.

It feels like I’ve been pretty busy lately, if not generally then at least with sorting little things out.

Did you notice that I got round to picking up a domain name? It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for ages but it’s taken me a while to be willing to take the plunge, I guess because I still have a ‘photography’ site (which needs a more than serious update) too and I wasn’t sure if I should have both. But why not? For a few pounds for 3 years, it’s hardly going to break the bank.

I’ve been looking forward to sharing these photos with you from a couple of weekends ago since I took them. I’m so pleased to be up to date in the right order though, it’s a little more satisfying than it should be.

So, the weekend before last, once Moon and I had returned from our week away in Ireland, we popped over to The Cotswolds with my catsitter sister for a Sunday afternoon of sausages, meeting dogs and so many children. It was my cousin’s 5th birthday so we took the opportunity to have a bit of a nose at my aunt and uncle’s home just outside Moreton-in-Marsh, as well as keep my Gran a bit of company in between party guests.

Moody Twin #1

Discovering how crazy-un-PC Punch & Judy is, as performed by Professor Moon.
Not that Moon, another one, with a beard and glasses.

I think Moon had forgotten my aunt and uncle have a whippet – his favourite dog.
Definitely saw him fall in love with lovely Floyd.

My uncle and the Moody Twins #1 & #2.

It’s funny that sausages or not, Floyd would be our friend.
I sure hope we bring a dog into our own home some day, think of the love (!) ♥

Tubbs: Lover of all the tennis balls.

Moon managed to make friends with a small boy through playing with Tubbs, it was pretty funny.

So wish I’d taken a better photo of the ponies, darn flies.

It’s pretty nice over there, they have their own woods and fields but most of all it was just nice to hang out with their dogs, who had more sausages than the three of us put together! It was just pretty laid back and a nice way to finish up our break before heading back to work, little bit better than lounging the day away with Come Dine with Me anyway…

In addition to frolicking with dogs, we got given leftover sausages and so many blackberries. I’ve been seeing quite a few posts, such as Catherine’s and Rosie’s, about blackberry picking and I must admit that I’m feeling a little guilty that I’ve not picked my own yet.

I’ve found on great spot by the canal and am hoping for a free evening this week before everyone gets wise to it. I quite like this season of free fruit, it’s great, especially since I already made some tasty apple & blackberry turnovers with our gifted ones.

I’m definitely hoping to freeze any I do gather though as mentioned over at A Thrifty Mrs, I’m not quite ready for crumbles and stews just yet, Indian summer, plz. ♥

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