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Discovering I don’t like whiskey much in a world-famous whiskey distillery…

Bushmills Distillery is on almost every list of must-sees in County Antrim and it was a pretty nice way to kick off our stay with Moon’s Dad last week. We went on a neat tour of the distillery with a sample of complimentary whiskey at the end, for £7, I figure it was quite reasonable.

Unfortunately, because of the high levels of alcohol in the air I wasn’t able to take any photos inside (the smell was intense), but like any decent tourist attraction there were plenty of other photo points before and after the tour.

Souvenir for the scrapbook.

Quite sad that it looks like honey but felt like it burnt my throat, cursing my unsophisticated palette a little bit…

I’d definitely recommend Bushmills Distillery if you’re a whiskey drinker, but it’s still interesting even if you’re not. After the tour and before heading over to the Giants Causeway, we had a little wander around the small village of Bushmills and had lunch at a little café called The Copper Kettle. It’s quite pretty but there’s not heaps there, saying that we did pick up a pretty lobster print from The Millhouse, a shop filled with beautiful things.

Although there are quite a few abandoned/disused buildings in most of the towns we visited during our stay, County Antrim and Northern Ireland generally have combatted this pretty well but at least beautifying the negative situation a little. Although it’s still sad that there are so many empty spaces, I definitely prefer them to be like this than smashed-in looking sadder.

Definitely had my fill of wasps for the summer (apparently the person who left a wasp-trap in the distillery car park had too), and flies, oh well, soon it will be winter and they will all die.

I’ve seen a lot of posts recently declaring distain for ‘holiday posts’, but it’s only Ireland isn’t it? It’s not like I was tropicalling it up somewhere exotic and isn’t much different from the country bumpkining we usually get up to, so I think I’m going to share the best of the rest too…

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