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Belfast: Ulster Museum.

I really wish that we’d had longer in Belfast and I think next time we visit Northern Ireland we’ll go when we’re a bit less pressed for time, it felt like it made more logistical sense, but in the end, it kind of didn’t and we just felt totally rushed.

The Ulster Museum was firmly on my list of things I wanted to do when visiting Belfast as it was something I did with my Gran, cousin and sister when we were last over there and I remember it being a nice afternoon. I love any kind of natural history museum and the Ulster Museum, while it also includes a bit of everything, from fasion to ancient history, it’s mainly filled with wonderfully bad taxidermic delights.

I’d definitely recommend it and go back again and again, we needed way longer than the little over an hour that we spent in there, it’s perfect for a drizzly day like the one we had.

Putting the interesting things it’s filled with aside, the building the museum is in is beautiful and I really liked the way it was lit, so many interesting corners of well thought-out lighting and framing. ♥

Poor old Irish Wolfhound.

Giant Deer/Irish Elk.


Bison and a couple of lemmings.

Sad-looking chap.

The museum backs out onto the Belfast Botanic Gardens behind Queen’s University, but more on that coming up…

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