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365 before 25 – One.

To come to terms with the fact I’ll be hitting a whole quarter of a century next year, I thought I’d make a special effort to document it – I guess even more than usual along with everything else. I did almost manage to do one once before but didn’t quite make it, I think sharing it on a monthly basis will allow me to keep up with it a little better.

I feel with practice it can only help to improve my photography further and really like photo challenges, whether it’s my Photo An Hours or The FMS Photo A Day, I like the idea of having set parameters and guidance sometimes and even though there’s not particular theme with this Project 365, I’m looking forward to carrying on with it as I have been.

These photos are from the first month of the project, from my 24th birthday until yesterday – feels like most of it was ages ago.

001. Waking up and being 24(!)

002. Winding down with the grubbiest little cat.

003. Feeling super-proud of my first two globe carrots.

004. First day back at work after my long weekend off, hello rush hour.

005. Anzac biscuit for a colleague’s birthday, so tasty, definitely one to try out myself.

006. A be-lated, and very good birthday card from my friends, Kirstin and Dan.

007. Last few bits of tidying up before we go away.

008. Taking the train for the second time since getting a car so I could party for a leaving do, that ended up being a silly idea.

009. Grabbing an afternoon beer and some lunch with our friend, Jason, squeezed in before flying over to Ireland.

010. Exploring the Giant’s Causeway.

011. Cruising through the Glens of Antrim.

012. A double-selfie on the riverbank of Derry~Londonderry.

013. An evening stroll by the harbour in Portrush.

014. Moon makes a new friend.

015. On our way home.

016. Taking my sister to Cobbs for lunch and raspberry picking.

017. Playing with fun dogs at my cousin’s birthday party.

018. Getting around to sorting through photos from our trip to Ireland.

019. Tasty salmon for tea.

020. The cat that bullies Doll eyed me up as I checked up on things in the garden.

021. Mixing our gifted blackberries with some apple for some tasty turnovers.

022. An evening wander around Newbury for Newbury Ablaze.

023. Getting into Inamo St James.

024. Strolling along the drizzly River Thames.

025. A list of errands for Moon to run for me.

026. All the rain brought so many tomatoes, such a nice feeling.

027. Rain rain, go away – on another note, look at the size of the houses their building behind our garden, coming up so fast!

028. Doing our own spot of blackberry picking.

029. Little more rain.

030. Little Doll enjoying her new scratching post.

031. Lighting new incense and candles to wind down for Sunday evening.

032. So pleased to see the sun shine again and feel a brisk autumn breeze, can’t wait for long walks again.
How do you feel about photo challenges and resolutions? I’ve also promised myself to read more and am happy to say that I’ve read two books since(!)
I know there are a few seconds in there, I think that’s something I’m going to work on for next time.

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