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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

At the beginning of the month I was lucky enough to be the winner of the Great British Butcher’s competition to win some of their fancy seasonings and rubs – I’m not doing too badly with winning foodie things, after winning tickets to Taste of London back in June and now this, if I only I was this lucky with the lottery (or Belvoir Fruit Farm’s Photography Competition, p.s. you can still vote(!)).

I was pretty excited but wasn’t really fully aware of what I’d won until it arrived in a huge parcel (which Doll loved), once I got them though, I was even more excited to try them all, TGB were certainly generous.

I won one of each of their rubs and a cotton apron, as well as some beautifully designed recipe cards. They come in Roast Garlic & Onion, Bloody Mary, Lemon & Mustard, BBQ, Apple, Sage & Onion and Curry Crumb and each of them match different meats to enhance the flavours and really help create a great centrepiece for your meal.

They’re made with all-natural ingredients, which is pretty impressive considering the variety. I was also really impressed with the size of the tins I won, although I have it on authority that there a plans for smaller tins, great for testing the different flavours rather than committing. I definitely have enough choice to last me a lifetime but I’m sure my family will be pleased for me to share with them every now and then.

We gave the curry crumb a try and it was absolutely delicious, we did it a little differently from the card, adding salad and cooking in the oven rather than deep-frying but the flavours were definitely there. The mango salsa and spice from the chicken worked really well, especially with the tasty mango naan bread I bought to accompany them. Not sure how the others will fair as I feel like I’ve already found my favourite but we’ll see..
Thank you so much Great British Butcher, I’ll definitely be working towards trying each tin out and if the Curry Crumb chicken is anything to go by, I sure am in for a treat.

Be sure to check out Great British Butcher’s beautiful website and ‘follow’ them on Twitter and ‘like’ them on Facebook for their latest updates, they definitely seem like one to watch!

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