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What I Wore: To Harry’s.

Kimono: Primark
Dress: New Look
Necklace: Oh Someday
Belt: with another dress
Sandals: New Look
I’m definitely well and truly 24 now, bit weird. So, above is what I wore out to our fancy meal out at Harry’s Bar & Kitchen in Donnington. We went there last year for our anniversary and it was really good then too. We actually had plans to go to a different restaurant that evening but were a little later than we’d hoped to make our reservation.

Harry’s didn’t disappoint but I guess it makes me realise how many nice places there are to eat around us given that we’ve only visited there twice now but enjoyed it so much.

I know I say it pretty much every time I showcase this dress on here but it really is one of my favourites and I really like everything about it. I’ve never thought about putting this kimono with it but it did make it feel a little more appropriate for the occasion.

I think I may have finally worn these sandals in, no blisters in the last two wears! It’s just such a pity that summer is almost over because I would have worn them way more, you never know though, there’s always a chance of an Indian summer.

Currently amazed by technology and posting this at the airport on my tablet while waiting for our much-delayed flight to Northern Ireland (thanks, Easyjet). So I’m off for the next six days, likely Internet-free and exploring County Antrim once more, hopefully there will be lots to show when I return – there’s a promise of fishing!

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