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Wall of Arms.

These are from a few weekends ago when we helped our friend Long and his girlfriend, Lexi move into their new flat in Cirencester. It really is a pretty little town and well suited to them, their new flat is a great space and I can’t wait to see what they do with it once they’re more settled. After we moved their stuff from our three cars, they took us for a wander around the town and to the park as well as to a lovely gastropub for lunch, I’m looking forward to visiting them again soon.

Look at this unseasonal but utterly beautiful Easter egg!

Anywhere that actively encourages to buy local is alright in my book, they also have an amazing grocers, which I may have spent a longer than acceptable time in when we were there.

I guess I’ve been meaning to share these for a little while, I just hadn’t got around to it or come up with the right time, so I figured now (when I can’t think of anything else) is as good a time as any.

One of my favourite things about my blog is sharing photos, as well as having a place to display them generally it’s also nice to show my mum and keep each post organised as a set – it’s the next best thing to a physical photo album, at least, I feel like I can find more time for it. That being said, I did spend some my free weekend sorting through three years worth of photos to print off for photo albums and frames, I’m really looking forward to having my memories dotted around my home. It all makes sense considering how many people seem to think I love picture frames as gifts – don’t get me wrong, I totally do, because I love any kind of gift, but I just haven’t bothered to put anything in any of them (sorry, wonderful gift-givers).

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