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Other Ones.

Here are things that are related to other things but don’t quite fit in, mostly consisting of what I’ve cooked.

Is anyone else having trouble getting their tomatoes to ripen? I feel like all the sun did is make them grow and once it got rainy again it took away all opportunity I had to reap the rewards – fingers crossed the sunshine this week will mean I’ll be coming back from Ireland with more tomatoes then I can handle. My main plan is sundried-tomatoes but I’m sure I’ll be able to think of more things to do, Pinterest is my friend.

I baked a bucket-load of orange and poppy seed biscuits using a great recipe from Technicolor Kitchen, I should have frozen some of the dough for another time but they went so well that I cooked the whole lot in one go, at least it filled the cookie jar.

I got semi-bullied into baking a cake for work for my birthday, it was the best buttercream icing I’ve made in a long time – rule no 1, always read instructions on the packet.

The second un-birthday cake came for my Gran, whose birthday falls two days after mine. The loaf shape wasn’t my idea, rule no 2, loaf cakes take 20x as long.

I surprised my Gran by popping over with my Ma and sister for lunch, I made the salmon tacos which I’ve mentioned previously on here and they were just as good if not better the second time round, I’m pretty proud of myself.

Suzie is my birthday-twin so it was nice to spend some time with her while visiting my Gran. 18 years old! So glad she’s over the health-scare we had a few weeks ago and is back to normal, she sat on my knee for a whole half-hour.

Last but not least is this pretty necklace I got from Moon for my birthday from the lovely Oh Someday. I’ve maybe talked about Kate Holden’s work before before but I love her style and there are so many other pieces of hers that I’m coveting. Unexpected gifts that turn out be to be something you’ve wanted a while are the best.
Not sure how I feel about this kind of post but I wanted to put these pictures somewhere, didn’t want to delete them and didn’t want them just sitting on my hard drive either, so there you have it.
Hope that you’re having a wonderful Wednesday.

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