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Me, Myself and the cat.

It is pretty great to do things at your own pace sometimes without having to think about anyone else, yeah, I’m one for being a little selfish every now and then now. Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Such a dork, and always so helpful. Thanks for helping put the guest bed sheets away, Doll.

A little bit in love with the Flaming Katie our friends Tom and Matt bought us when they came to visit looks like it’s really grown since we got it too, so exciting!

Feels like we’re actually successfully growing flowers in the garden now, we have two of these badboys now. All we need to do next is sort out all the weeds and the garden will be just right.

Eating dinner at 9pm because I feel like it.

I picked up a couple of new plants for the house and potted them in new pots. I will definitely have to pop back to Wilko for some more, they’ll be great for seeing that my money plants continue to grow.

Using spices in my spice rack that I’ve never used or thought about using before.

Home-made mango salsa (the colours!) ♥

For Moon’s home-coming I made salmon tacos adapted from Design Love Fest’s recipe, and boy were they a hit. I can’t believe how well they worked and it’s something I’d actually really like to share with our friends and family – a pretty big deal for seeing as I don’t really like cooking for anyone other than Moon and I.

My beloved S3 has been sent to temporary Phones4U heaven for a little while, fingers crossed it will home safe in a couple of weeks. In the mean time I have nothing to ‘instasnap’ on, so I’ve gone back to just my camera, which I actually like a whole lot more because under it all and my instaddiction, I hate that most people’s cameras are their phones now – the smallest of pet peeves but it still niggles at me occasionally, like that dumb advert where that girl is just strolling about with her ‘digital scrapbook’, get a real camera, you dick.

I guess only good can come from not constantly scrolling through social networks on the go, but then there’s still my tablet and my laptop. Telephone call-wise though, it’s back to the dark ages of the landline, call me?

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