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We had some visitors to stay with us over the weekend, so the next few posts are going to be about the sights we showed them and what we got up to. I was pretty impressed with how much fun we had despite feeling a little thrifty.

First up for our whirlwind showcase of country fun, was a trip to Cobbs Farm Shop just outside of Marlborough, around 15 minutes away from us. Tom and Matt are big on nice food, so I thought this would be the perfect place. I’d never eaten there before but thought the café (understatement, it’s much fancier than that) seemed really nice, and given that the whole shop is filled with independent, local retailers, I figured that we couldn’t go wrong.
That said, we did get ripped off with pudding, should you be likely to go, grab an ice cream from the shop rather than eating in, it’s a whole £1 more – I guess for the use of cutlery that you don’t even need given that the lids have spoons in them, can’t even!

Pulled pork seems to be everywhere right now, I’m far from complaining, I’d definitely recommend Cobbs’ take on the pulled pork roll with sour dough bread. The only other time I’ve had pulled pork was when I was in Florida at Christmas, it was from either Target or Walmart, and it wasn’t that great…

Our visit happened to overlap with a showcase of birds of prey being held in the garden. It was pretty neat and after much bullying, I managed to get Moon to hold an eagle owl. The guy holding the event was so knowledgeable, pretty sure he may have said that all the birds actually belonged to him though and weren’t part of a sanctuary as you might expect.


So chuffed!

This owl did not like her handler much at all.
Following snapping pictures of Moon holding an owl, we also discovered that Cobbs do ‘pick your own’ and couldn’t resist. The rain held off and even though it was starting to get sticky, we spent a good half hour hunting for strawberries (and testing a few), they were so good, definitely recommend it as a summer activity, although the threat of a storm might be something to try and avoid when choosing when to do it!
Definitely hope to head back there soon for more things, there are beans, tayberries, gooseberries and much more!

Christmas trees (!!!)

Stawberry disc, this definitely would have failed quality-control.

Once we headed home, after a dinner of indoor barbecue we put ourselves through the torture of Sharknado, and never in all my life… I don’t know if I expected it to be good or funny or so bad it was good, but it’s by far one of the worst things I’ve ever seen, I give up on SyFy, I really do.

‘Show me what you think of Sharknado’.
I must admit that I do kind of like the country bumpkin accolade we’ve been assigned, despite the fact that where we live actually has a little more going for it than where we’re from, I do love being around so much green.

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