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Basic Appreciation.

I’ve found that going shopping with Moon, if he’s not in the right mood, can make me feel a little rushed, so it was nice when he was away a few weeks ago to get in a good few hours of quality shopping alone-time. I have been trying to have a clear out, but in doing so, I manage to have gotten rid of kind of tatty but essential things – here is where H&M was my friend.

Maybe I’m growing up or something but I am finding that having a few go-to items is a little more satisfying than flimsy fashion pieces, I’m always going to be a little all over the place though, at least, I’m not ready to be a sophisticated grown up all the time just yet.

1. Cable Knit, £24.99 – I’m totally missing my faithful chunky knit teal cardigan so this was an adequate replacement, and will be great for Ireland next week. It’s really soft and comfortable and I can definitely see myself wearing it heaps more once the season changes.

2. Cotton Harem Trousers, £14.99 – I was pretty big on these a few years ago, until I said goodbye to them after ruining my final pair at Glastonbury 2011, so much mud… I can’t decide if these are acceptable to wear outdoors really, they’re far to comfy to not be day-pyjamas. I’ll admit they’re not the most attractive trousers but they do for pottering around the garden. I’d love to know what you think about harem pants, and what to wear with them, I’m feeling a little stumped.

3. Green Leggings, £7.99 – Nice to have a change every now and then. I had steered clear of H&M’s leggings for a little while because they were really thick and chunky, these ones are pretty nice though and a lot of their coloured ones seem to be like this too, I may have to pick up a few more. I mainly got these because it came to my attention that I pretty much only have black leggings now, anyone else remember when H&M did the coolest crazy leggings, I was all over those.

4. Yellow Skater Skirt, £14.99 – I’ve been unsure about skater skirts for a while, but this one isn’t as short as the rest I’ve seen usually seem to be. I just really like the colour, yellow is one of my favourites and I really don’t think I have enough of it in my wardrobe at the moment. One bad point about this skirt is that it is slightly see-through, which I don’t think will be as much of an issue when it gets cooler and I can layer up but isn’t something I’m too happy about at the moment.

Have you been stocking up on awkward Summer/Autumn clothing yet, or am I little early?
I blame the unpredictable weather, I miss the heatwave.

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