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Alone Time.

I’ve spent all day by myself, and that’s not really a bad thing, you know?

As I waved Moon off this morning for a trip down to Devon to visit his Gran, I actually felt a little excited at the prospect of having the little flat to myself for the whole day and night, this has never happened before.

I actually usually hate it when we’re apart – especially if I’m alone. I get nervous about doing basic things that otherwise wouldn’t be a problem and spending the night in the flat as I have done a couple of times before has not been great. I love having the bed to myself, I’m a starfish sleeper, but not having Moon there does make the bed feel a little empty – tonight, I’m embracing it, I even changed the sheets to mark the occasion, it’s going to be the best sleep!

The thing is, we’re actually kind of always together. I don’t care about that at all, I love Moon, he’s my best friend, he’s kind and funny and everyone should have somebody like him in their life, but some time apart can only refresh that feeling.

With a list of chores to do and a few things I wanted to sort out it’s actually not so bad not having someone to distract you. I relish in getting on with things and ticking things off my to-do list, and I almost forget that I don’t mind being alone really.

More important than enjoying my own company, Moon being away means I can choose when to have the TV on (it’s an almost constant battle), what to watch and most important of all, when to eat – it’s 8:35pm and I’m only just starting to think about what to have for dinner. I don’t care about compromise, because obviously it’s not always a compromise, we enjoy each others company and have a lot of things in common, I doubt we would have been together for seven years if we hadn’t, but it’s pretty brilliant to just do things my way all day. I hope I remember this next time so I don’t get so anxious about it just being me and the cat for a bit.

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