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That’s a Nice One.

I can’t decide whether I feel bad that I’m a bit behind with my recent updates – so many photos, so few days in the week – or whether I’m pretty happy to have a little back log to refer back to when lacking inspiration. I’m pretty sure that I’m the latter, the weather has been so nice all week and I’ve been so sleepy (and grumpy) so would rather be in bed or enjoying the sunshine.

Rest assured that there’s a pretty good amount of things to catch up on, but things are so satisfying when they’re done in chronological order, so, and because I wanted to do a quick little post, I thought I’d share my Glastonbury Instax photos first.

I know I say this whenever I share photos from this camera with you, but I really love it and it’s probably one of my favourite cameras that I own. As well as taking great photos – pretty superior to any Polaroids I’ve ever had, not to mention cheaper – I also feel like I total bigshot when I carry it around because people seem to be so intrigued by it, the amount of enquiries I got about it at Glastonbury were pretty fun. I feel like I should know more about it other than it being generally hard to find – really not bad for something left behind by one of my Mum’s employees.

Leo and Mooney Moon brushing their teeth.

DtR killin’ it.

Just happy to be there.

Flags, flags flags / Crowds, crowds, crowds.

From The Crow’s Nest.

Arcadia Spider.

The Rolling Stones.

Glastonbury Tor in cardboard.

Kind of Mumford & Sons.


I’m so pleased with these photos, given the phenomenal cock-up with my 35mm photos from Glastonbury, I’m glad I have these physical images worth keeping – again, a Glasto 2013 album is something I hope will materialise soon, although I’ve yet to finish my Turkey one and that’s over a year ago now (omg, sadface!).

Film photographs, of almost any kind always make me want to take more as soon as I can, but then I lose steam and half a roll sits in my camera for another half a year – that’s something I would really like to change. I’m so pleased that my blog gives me an outlet and a place to put all my photos because even though I’m not always printing off and making albums like I wish I had the time to do, I’ve still got something to look back on.
Cheesy bloggush over, what do you think of film photography, do you prefer to convenience of digital?

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