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It’s funny to be writing this only a week later and to be sat in jeans, I mean it’s not cold now, but not unbearably hot either, and I’ve missed wearing trousers a little so I thought I’d take the opportunity before it goes back to being crazy-warm again – not that I don’t enjoy that too, obviously.

So, these are some pictures I took while out for a walk with Moon last Sunday. We took a picnic and headed over to Theale to walk along the river and maybe see if we could find a fabled lake I’d read about online – we did find a lake but were worried it would turn into an Eden Lake situation so we just admired it from a distance. I really quite like picnicking, there’s something quite relaxing about it, plus it still feels like a bit of a treat even if you’re feeling a little skint.

So many tiny dragon/damselflies everywhere, loved seeing the tiny flecks of bright blue.

Faces in spaces.

The setting we chose for our picnic, not too shabby.

All packed ‘neatly’ in a Lidl cooler shopper, because our cool bag was left in a Glastonbury grave – it did the job, I’m now on the hunt for a new one.

Picnic essentials.

Not sure if this was the lake we were actually looking for…

It was really pretty though and looked so inviting on such a hot day.

My current favourite dress, a Primark find.

Heading back to the car, which was like an oven, thank goodness for good air conditioning.

I’ve been feeling a little behind in blogging recently, which does kind of make it a little less fun, but I feel that if I don’t catch up, I might give up altogether… Not sure if I’d rather have lots to talk about or nothing at all.

From tomorrow I’m making a whole set of promises to myself in order to get things done that I’ve wanted to get done for ages – they involve starting to try and go running and reading before I go to sleep, just getting into a better, more productive routine, which I’m hoping will help to get me into a less lazy frame of mind, omg, I’m so lazy!

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