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Photo An Hour: 7/12 – July

We’re way into the second half of the year and man has this month been a hot one. Once again, I’d tried a few different times to set out and complete the challenge this month but got distracted by journeys and just generally being out and about. So I’m hoping next month’s will be a little more exciting, this just takes place on another sleepy Sunday in Little Flat HQ, Newbury.

10am // Letting Mr Moon sleep in a little later since we had an early start the previous day with helping our friend Long move into his new flat.

11am // Catching up on some blog posting while I have a little peace and quiet.

12pm // Baking bread, looks like it was a lot more successful than it was. Curse you, Paul Hollywood! & Sorting out bits in the garden.

1pm // Playing hide-and-seek with Doll and chowing down on lunch’s pudding of tasty fresh fruit salad ♥

2pm // Heading into town.

3pm // Bread Check!

4pm // Afternoon snacking, I think the beetroot ones are my favourite.

5pm // Looking up recipes with Mr Moon to find a side dish for dinner.

6pm // Trimming lettuce & Moon decided on homemade onion rings, boy were they good!

7pm // Time for wine and cheese! We had the onion rings too, obviously, but the cheese took so much longer than expected so we ‘accidentally’ ate them first.

8pm // Taking a rest in the garden after all that cheese.

9pm // Terrible cupcakes rounded up my evening, before the first episode of Ray Donovan, which we’re weirdly super-into now(!!!)
We’ve had a few exciting weekends with a lot more to say, it would really help me with editing down if I focused on one of these for them. With tomorrow marking the start of a new month, and July – with it’s gorgeous weather meaning I took more photos than ever, I hope to really reign in my Photography a little in August, maybe take some ‘specified’ challenges and see how it goes – what is likely to happen is you’ll still be getting a mean dose of what I did at weekends though…

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