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Our Great Space.

The longer days and the recent sunny weather have really made me appreciate our garden a lot; the outdoor naps, the barbecues, it’s pretty great. The amount of time I’ve been spending outside has also made me realise how much time Moon must have spent on his own while I was working at the cinema and he was working a regular 9-5. I really don’t think that I spent even half the amount of time sitting on our lawn last year and I’m fairly certain the weather can’t have been really all that bad, I think I was just always on the go.

Now we’re spending pretty much every weekend together, doing things, seeing people and really using our spare time wisely, even sleeping in counts. I’m not quite sure when or how we got here, but it’s quite nice actually.

I finally have French lavender in our garden and it seems to be taking to our (terrible) flower bed too, I hope it grows and grows!

I wish our strawberry plants would give us more strawberries, we only got a few – still much better than last year’s mouldy offering – and even though they were only small, they were so sweet and juicy, much nicer than any I’ve had from supermarkets.

Even though there are ants, alfresco dining is pretty great.

Broad beans were the only thing we could grow last year, and they seem to be thriving again this year too – at least I can definitely grow something ♥

The sunflower that I didn’t really look after last year has come back, and with 5 flowers, I can’t wait for them all to be in bloom.

I made us refreshing fruity drinks last weekend as at that point it was far too early for Pimm’s o’Clock, I knew saving the cocktail accessories from Turkey was a good idea. I can’t get enough of mixing the Blood Tonic Cordial from this month’s Flavrbox with fruit juices, it makes them extra sweet, with a little mediciney twang in the background, so good!

I guess all that fluff means she’s extra hot at the moment, she hates us suncreaming her nose and ears and only walks so far before slumping down – a little pathetic for such a young cat but her recent wuss-puss tendencies also seem to mean she’s much more affectionate in this heat too.

Just because we happened to bathe her last weekend – she wasn’t happy at the time but seemed a little revitalised afterwards, the cutest E.T I’ve ever seen.
Being able to lay out on the grass with a pillow and a book, admiring the vegetables and plants we’ve actually been able to grow this year make me really appreciate how stable things are at the moment, yes, it’s not perfect but I’m much happier than I was a year ago. Maybe it’s the heat talking, but I just feel good – but still grumpy, and I thought you should know that.

In other, less wispy news, I’ve entered Belvoir Fruit Farms’ Wildlife Photography Competition, since I last checked I was third on the leaderboard, so your vote would be very much appreciated, if anyone even read down this far that is…

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